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Maximize Niche Hot Techniques

Have you been marketing online for a while and still haven’t made it to the top of your chosen niche in the Search Engines?

Are you new to internet marketing and are looking to create your first website?

Well I’ve been going through the steps that I’ve learned and implemented in my own blog here and I’ve broken them down into 6 very precise techniques.

Category Selection Landing Pages Provide Value to Your Readers Targeted Sales Pages Finding Good Vendors (Affiliate Programs) Cross Promotion

In step one you must choose a niche that you LIKE, that you are PASSIONATE about. Not something that some “guru” tells you is hot. I mean.. think about it. Would you rather spend every day writing and researching a topic that you were interested in?

I personally love affiliate marketing and have been doing it for 10 years. So it’s something that I don’t mind writing about and learning more about. I’ve spent countless hours reading and learning and tons of money on products… but it’s been worth it.. because the profits that I’ve made have been in corelation to the money invested in learning.

I’ve also chosen the niche Recipes.. even though you’d think that niche was pretty much saturated I still make decent affiliate commissions from my recipe blog as I’m just building it, the sales aren’t massive yet, but I see the potential of greater sales as I get the blog to the traffic ranks of this one.

You also need to do keyword research. The reason I say this in the beginning of choosing your niche is you need to find keywords that might turn into a keyword rich domain name. The domain name of this blog is a prime example of this.

Affiliate Home Based Business…. that says it all in the domain. There is NO doubt as to what this blog is about.

You also need to do keyword research because it’s going to lead to subdomains that you can put together under your base niche. Example: Fishing is your base niche. Well then you have Bass Fishing, Catfish Fishing, Marlin Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing… you get the picture.

So you could set up sites like this:

BASE NICHE: with the sub-niche sites like these:


With all these sites linking in to each other it will draw traffic rankings and statistics from each other creating a linking frenzy between the sub-sites into the base site, giving you better rankings in the Search Engines.

If you’re just starting out.. start with this post and start doing your keyword research BEFORE YOU BUY A DOMAIN NAME… and then tomorrow we’ll discuss more in depth the reason you need to build GOOD solid landing pages!